About us

Zabella is a ready-to-wear luxury label established in 2019 with its headquarters based in Delhi. Envisioned for the modern day woman, who is unapologetically fierce and free-spirited. All the collections curated and created at the HQs have drawn inspiration from modernity, sensuality and key trends straight off the runways worldwide.

The label offers uber chic urban wear for the modern day Indian woman, aligned with the hottest of colours, extremely experimental silhouettes, tactile textures and the biggest of the best trends, made with a lot of love; for the Zabella woman to carry out her day in and out with our wide range of game changing styles. Be it a larger than life party, lazing around at home, an everyday affair, or attending the most formal event in life, weve got you covered with the best.

Strongly rooted in the modern day aesthetic, Zabella stands out because of the unique design language that celebrates craftsmanship, fine tailoring with great attention to detail.

Each piece of clothing that comes out of the Zabella studio draws inspiration from the urban hip Indian woman who is femme fierce and bold, giving ones wardrobe the edge by unleashing the diva within.

The label sees the independent regular woman taking over life in her own way with freedom of thought as the utmost form of luxury, owing to their unique stories, be it conquering the world, doing exceptional activities but; the bold, fierce, sexy Zabella way.

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Afterall, its all about bringing trends that define you, one step closer to you, for you to stand out in the crowd.